Local Roofing Specialist in Auckland

Hydroproof installs a wide range of bituminous products from various suppliers.


The torch-on membranes are applied as double layer systems to roofs. The second layer normally has a mineral chip finish, which is generally available in a number of different colors. Alternatively, the second layer can be plain and a coating system applied.


Similar double layer torch-on membranes can be applied to deck areas.


Double layer torch-on membrane systems are also used in planters. The second layer normally contains a root inhibitor to prevent root penetration.


These membranes are designed specifically for this purpose as they have a product in the top surface that reacts with wet cement creating a very strong bond, and hence the entire underside of the building envelope is waterproof.

Hydroproof is a Waterproofing Company working principally in the greater Auckland area.



They quickly assessed the situation and booked us in. The crew was quick courteous and friendly. The work was clean and they kept me informed every step of the process. Every person I dealt with was friendly, accommodating to our schedule and very helpful. I would highly recommend them to anyone with basement issues.


We had water leaking into our basement. so I had an Hydroproof representative over to have a look and give me an estimate for waterproofing. One of their team member came to my place and He was very courteous and thorough, explained in great detail on what had to be done and how it was to be done and how I would not have a water problem after completion plus about their guaranty. Sure enough they did a great job and we are worry free when it pours now. I would definitely recommend Hydroproof to anyone with a problem with their foundation and needs waterproofing.


Hydroproof completed an interior drainage system for me and tied into an existing system. The work they did was very clean and the team was very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend!!


Excellent work fixing several leaking foundation cracks in our basement. The staff was knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and very professional. Response was quick and they were great to deal with. I would recommend their services and would use them again myself.


My basement had over a foot of water in it. The team came over and made the best suggestion and also had the best price compared to all the other local companies.
My basement now has an apartment in it.
I highly recommend Hydroproof!!


Great prices and great job, fast, friendly and efficient, would totally recommend this company for waterproofing. Communication is good, kept me informed throughout the job, will be using this company to do my outside waterproofing also, thanks alot.