Joint Sealing

Sealant to Retail Unit, Richmond Rd
Sealants in Jail Cell
Sealant to Motorway Structures
Sealants to Concrete Home, Waiheke Island
Joint sealing at Sugartree, Stage 1


Hydroproof is approved applicator for most sealants available on the New Zealand market. Our main sealant suppliers are; Sika (NZ) , Holdfast, and Bostik (NZ) . We install;

  • Polyurethane Sealants
  • Silicon Sealants
  • Modified Silicon Sealants
  • Hybrid Sealants
  • Acrylic Sealants
  • Bitumastic Sealants
  • Epoxy and Epoxy Urethane Sealants

We undertake sealants to precast panels, construction and movement joints, control joints, decorative and colored sealant work. We install sealants in particular situations, such as jail cells, tanks etc.